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EARLY BIRD: 8AM-9:30AM (fee is 5.00 per day)
STAY AND PLAY: 1:30PM-3:00PM (fee is 5.00 per day)


Cahaba Heights United Methodist Church Mother's Day Out is an extension of the church's whole ministry of caring for our community's children during the important formative years of development. Through a Christian atmosphere, and under the advisement of the Christian Education committee, the purpose of our program is to provide a happy, loving and stimulating environment in which children will develope and maintain a positive self-image.

We offer a curriculum using a variety of "hands-on" developmentally appropriate activities. We believe that children learn best "by doing". We teach prerequisite skills to academics through concrete learning experiences.


CHUM's Mother's Day Out is a family-orientated program in a Christian enviroment. Here, each child will have the opprotunity to learn how to:

1. Feel comfortable about being away from home.
2. Accept help and direction from adults.
3. Live in harmony with other children.
4. Value one's own rights and the rights of others.
5. Develope self-idenity.
6. Develope language, listening skills, the ability to follow directions and learn to speak in songs, poems and rhymes.
7. Strengthen physical skills by using large and small muscles.
8. Grow in ability to express inner feelings through music, movement, drama and art.
9. Be curious. To wonder, to seek answers to questions about themselves and their lives and discover the world around them through the secret of science.


To EXCITE, IGNITE and ENCOURAGE each individual child's curiosity for learning so that each student is excited to come to school and loves learning!


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The Mother's Day Out Program at Cahaba Heights United Methodist Church is a service offered to the community five days a week. Enrollment is by choice of days (Monday through Friday) for the entire school year.

Mother's Day Out accepts children ages six months through twenty-four months and is divided into the following classes:

-MDO I Room: 6 months to walking and self feeding. *(4)
-MDO II Room: Young Toddlers *(6)
-MDO III Room: Older Toddlers *(8)

     * indicates allowed class size per day.

All Forms required for enrollment should be completed and returned to the Preschool Office prior to the first day of attendance. These forms include:

1. Registration Form( download pdf)
2. General Information Form
3. Emergency names/numbers
4. Transportation Plan
5. Medical Release Form
6. Blue Immunization Record**

**THE BLUE IMMUNIZATION RECORD IS REQUIRED TO BE ON FILE AND MUST BE UPDATED WHEN NECESSARY. Children's files are kept confidential and are kept in storage for a period of two years after the child leaves our program.

Information about fees and tuitions...

A non-refundable registration fee of $125.00 is due at the time of enrollment. There is a $50 registration fee for returning students. Preschool tuition is based on a nine-month year at the following rates:

Days Participating Tuition Per Month *Supply Fee
One Day 200.00 40.00
Two Days 240.00 50.00
Three Days 275.00 60.00
Four Days 300.00 70.00
Five Days 325.00 80.00

The Supply Fee is to be paid one time per year on

We do have EARLY BIRD and STAY AND PLAY extended hours (see *Hours* for times). The fee is 5.00 per day for each.

Policy may be changed at any time without prior notice. All changes will be posted on the parent bulletin board at the Preschool office. Notices of changes will also be sent home.

All information contained herein is for general purposes only and subject to changes without prior notice. Please contact Mrs. Jana Cook, the MDO and Preschool Director for the most up-to-date information.

For more information, please contact us:


The Teachers of CHUM Preschool and MDO...

Our teachers are selected by application to the Cahaba Heights United Methodist Church Preschool Committee on the basis of experience, education, Christian love and the ability to relate to the young child. We processes background checks on all applicants. Throughout the school year, teachers are required to attend workshops and other training events appropriate to continuing education in child developement. The Preschool Resource Library offers numerous books and magazines to help teachers keep abreast of current educational trends and teaching techniques.

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Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these."