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The Mother's Day Out Program at Cahaba Heights United Methodist Church is a service offered to the community five days a week. Enrollment is by choice of days (Monday through Friday) for the entire school year. Mother's Day Out accepts children ages six months through twenty-four months and is divided into the following classes:

-MDO I Room: 6 months to walking and self feeding. (4)
-MDO II Room: Young Toddlers (6)
-MDO III Room: Older Toddlers (8)

() indicates allowed class size per day.

All Forms required for enrollment should be completed and returned to the Preschool Office prior to the first day of attendance. These forms include:

1. Registration Form (download pdf)
2. General Information Form
3. Emergency names/numbers
4. Transportation Plan
5. Medical Release Form
6. Blue Immunization Record**

**THE BLUE IMMUNIZATION RECORD IS REQUIRED TO BE ON FILE AND MUST BE UPDATED WHEN NECESSARY. Children's files are kept confidential and are kept in storage for a period of two years after the child leaves our program.