The Teachers of CHUM Preschool...


Our teachers are selected by application to the Cahaba Heights United Methodist Church Preschool Committee on the basis of experience, education, Christian love and the ability to relate to the young child. We processes background checks on all applicants. Throughout the school year, teachers are required to attend workshops and other training events appropriate to continuing education in child developement. The Preschool Resource Library offers numerous books and magazines to help teachers keep abreast of current educational trends and teaching techniques.



LINDA LUECKE: "I started going to CHUM at the age of 3 1/2, and I have such wonderful memories of my childhood spent here. I'm the mother to two twin daughters, Ashley and Kana. I was in childcare for 15 years before becoming a Mom. I feel that one of the gifts God has given me is the love of children. I am blessed to be able to see these children learn and grow. It amazes me to see their amazment."


JENNIFER BOYLE: "I have been at Cahaba Heights UMC since 2007. This is a wonderful program that I am very proud to be apart of. As the 3 year old teacher it is my job to prepare the children for our 4 program. Learning to be independant and the importance of responsiblity are virtues that we strive to achieve. We have a blast with numbers and letters too! We make learning fun in the 3 year old room."


LISA LOWE: "I teach 4 year old kindergarten. I'm a married mother of three and have been teaching since 1996. Working with 4K is so fun and challenging because the children mature so much over the year and learn to do so much for themselves. Nothing is more exciting than seeing a child learn to read. Already this year, we are starting to put together our sounds and see how they are making words. Come join us!"