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"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Matthew 22:37-39 (ESV)

The Myra G. Harper Guest House
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The Guest House


Thank you for visiting our website. As you learn about us in these pages, you will find that we are a Christ-centered church that is characterized by a belief that the Bible is God’s inspired word and His Grace is available to all believers. Our congregation is focused on prayer, study, and serving the community. We meet for Sunday School at 10am and Sunday morning worship at 11am. We would love to see you there!
-Rusty Glasgow

Inside the Guest House

Guest House - Inside

From The Pastor ...
Rev. Rusty Glasgow
Rev. Rusty Glasgow

August 23, 2016

I am amazed, somewhat overwhelmed and for one of the few times without adequate words to express my thanks for all that each of you did to make this past Sunday a tremendous success.  I had thoughts about what I needed to say but those seem to be insignificant at the moment.

A project that started almost a year ago has come to completion. It is also done far better than I ever expected. I'm not saying I doubted, but I did have what I call a concerned reservation. It was a pretty rough palette to begin this masterpiece.

Personally I think the ministry that the Myra G. Harper Guest House will provide is unlike any in the city.  It will open the possibility to minister to people from all over the country. Who would have ever thought that we would be involved in a nationwide ministry. As I said before I am overwhelmed.

To be personal for a moment, I am amazed at the number of hours many of you spent and the amount of money that was contributed.  One of the number one signs of a healthy church is when you begin to think more of others than you do yourself. This Guest House is certainly an evidence of that fact.

One of the first conversations a person had with me upon my coming to Cahaba Heights was that the house had no purpose and that it needed to be torn down. It was old, dilapidated and no longer served any useful purpose.  It was an eyesore and needed to be done away with. I found that to be a little humorous as I looked around the congregation way back then. I thought “is he talking about a house or people?”  I looked into this and found out that to tear it down was out of our reach at the moment. What I see clearly now is that God had other plans We just were not ready for them to be revealed yet.

A vision was cast and then the wheels were put into motion. I at first thought we could patch and make do and it would be a fairly easy project. It did not take long to realize that I was missing that mark. I will always remember when Jean Connor came to my office and in that raspy voice said, “Rusty G if we are doing this to bring glory to God it must be done right.” I agreed and watched as she laid out a list a mile long of what needed to be done changed and added to. Jean told me that day that her cancer was back but she would get as much done as she could. I knew then that we were tackling a God sized project

You see the results. I would be pleased to stay there. I have to think that Jean is saying from heaven it looks great. I will treasure each step that was taken to bring this project to completion What I look forward to is what God has in store next. I believe with all my heart that when God's people work together there is no stopping them.  Who would have ever thought?

We are finishing donations on the house this week. If you need to make one or have happened to have found a little extra change in your sofa cushions make it this Sunday Again, you are the best!

See you Sunday!!

SIgned by Rusty



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